The idea of organizing a joint panel discussion of the users of L-39 training and light attack aircraft was developed in 2015 and the first conference was held in the following year. The training aircraft made in the 1970s has been very successful and popular both in hands of military and civilian users and it is still operated in many countries on several continents.

Main tasks of L-39UG:
- regular meetings of users
- exchange of information (technical issues, flight safety, operational experience etc.)
- communication with OEM

We believe that bringing together the community of the world's most successful jet trainer users creates a great opportunity to all of them to meet and exchange their experiences. It is also very beneficial for the industry, which can then better understand customer needs and systematically improve its services.

And that's why Czech Air Force together with AERO has decided to hold these conferences on a regular basis to show their dedicated support of the aircraft to all existing or potential users of L-39 and the new L-39NG .

We believe that all the users will leave the conference with good memories, a sense of belonging to a larger family, and enriched with fruitful conversations with their foreign counterparts, developers and test pilots.